About us

The background history of our company is beginning from Humanitarian Ngos, called wcdo which is Founded by Mr,Melaku Hailu has harnessed his passion for innovative renewable energy solution, From His strong humanitarian & business skills, support for community leaving in urban setting and rural area of the country, as learning organization that brings to renewable energy Solution for community energy for the last past 35 years with great success of solving the needy community of energy problem for selected community in Ethiopia,

Our partners

Biogas in Eithopia

Ethiopia Key renewable energy policies

Domestic energy demand in Ethiopia has been rising rapidly in recent years, driven by increasing population size, urbanization, and economic growth.

Innovative Feature of the Initiative

Entrepreneurship is important for achieving economic growth in contemporary economies is widely recognized, both by policy makers and scholars. Medium and Small businesses are strategically important for entrepreneurship development because they curb the monopolistic power of large enterprises and increase the competitiveness of the market.
  • Pairing businesses together
  • The waste from one is the raw material for another
  • Zero Waste –Zero Emissions

Sustainability strategies and actions

Strategy 1: moving towards a more efficient use of resources

What is this strategy about?
Resource efficiency is about doing more and better with less. This concept applies to all kinds of resources; it becomes however particularly important in case of natural resourc¬es, such as clean air and water, land, minerals and metals, and resources with high pol¬lutant emissions. One of the main approach to ensure a more efficient use of resources is based on turning waste into a resource by exchanging materials or waste streams between companies.

Strategy 2: increase energy production from renewable

What is this strategy about?
Low carbon energy production is about creating an energy production system based on use of renewable energy sources and renewable energy conversion technologies (Tim¬merman et al., 2014). Introduction solar energy, biogas, and roof water harvesting systems.

Strategy 3: sustainable living and working environ¬ment

What is this strategy about?
Sustainable living and working environment is about creating a nice an pleasant working environment where employees can work enthusiastically and can enjoy ever-increasing job satisfaction.