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BFGE Renewables

Imported biogas technology product from our potential partners

Our imported biogas system converts products from agro industry, municipal slage, cow dung and food scraps into electricity, clean cooking gas, natural organic liquid fertilizer.

The system includes fixed factory plants and prefabricated portable plants in small, medium and large scales. It can convert agro industry condominium residents’ sewage/organic waste, animal manure & human waste and food scraps into electricity, clean cooking gas and natural organic liquid fertilizer.

This particular biodigester stands out from other biodigesters alternatives with its simplicity of setting up, ease of operation & maintenance, efficiency, durability and its second-to-none advanced safety technology.

blueflame renewables

Biogas benefits

Biogas has several benefits. It is a renewable energy source that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and our reliance on fossil fuels. It is produced by the decomposition of organic matter and is thus an efficient method of disposing of organic waste

1. Biogas systems protect our air, water, and soil by recycling organic waste into renewable energy and soil products, while reducing GHG emissions

2. Biogas supports distributed generation of energy, which means lower transmission and transportation costs as well as reduced impact and higher reliability of electrical grids. Systems with gas storage can provide renewable electricity on demand in minutes, reducing the need to turn on fossil fueled power plants to meet peak demand2. Biogas is economically viable as it increases income